To commission your custom pet portrait, follow the steps below.


STEP 1: Choose a canvas size

Please consider the following sizes as a general guide and starting point; if you want a larger canvas or have a custom size in mind, feel free to let me know.
A: 8" x 10": Great for head-only views
C: 16" x 20": Best suited for head and shoulders view
D: 18" x 24": Full body view with expansive background

STEP 2: Discuss the painting

Tell me about your Pet. Here's where you'll want to give me all the details of your pet's life and what you'd like to see in the composition. Where is the pose - Outside? Indoors? Do you want to see a specific location? Describe any toys, props, snacks, blankies, etc? Anything goes.

STEP 3: Gather pictures

Send me any pictures that show your pet's personality and spirit. Playing, sitting, running, jumping, posing, etc. Close-up headshots and body shots are good. If you have a particular picture that is exactly what you'd want to see in a painting, great, let me know.
I'll gather all available reference materials and come up with a scene that captures all of the details from Step 2.  I will send three preliminary sketches for you to choose from. We can change, adjust and revise the scene at this stage. When we agree on a final idea, the painting will begin!

STEP 4: Send me Pics

Email, Dropbox, Cloud - any format is acceptable!